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  • Made in Gothenburg

    Gothenburg has a thriving fashion scene and over the past few years many local designers have been internationally acclaimed. We have handpicked a number of independent designers and shops to keep an eye on.

    A well-established textile industry in combination with talented graduates – no wonder Gothenburg is such a hotspot for upcoming designers. The culture and atmosphere is often an important source of inspiration and together they contribute to placing Scandinavian fashion on the global map.

  • Emma & Malena

    Emma & Malena

    Emma Landström and Malena Ostwald opened their first shop on the picturesque island Käringön north of Gothenburg. Today the girls have a shop at Vallgatan in central Gothenburg, as well as their summer shop in the archipelago. We had a chat with Malena, one of the two designers behind the west coast based brand Emma och Malena.

  • The Bow Club

    The Bow Club

    Naeem Saleem's own brand The Bow Club designs handmade and organic bow ties, with the belief that they can be used at any time.

  • Vintage by fe

    Vintage by fe

    It all started when Johanna Rautio and Nicklas Fahlström wanted to design pretty necklace watches and today they run the two brands Vintage by Fé and Nic & Mel.

  • Jumperfabriken


    The girls at Jumperfabriken celebrate the fashions of the 50s and 60s and love browsing through old photo albums. We visited Elisabeth and Tullis to talk design, creativity and times gone by.

  • Velour


    The Gothenburg-based clothing shop Nostalgi started in 1997 and soon became very popular with the indie crowd. In 2002 they took the first steps towards the brand Velour. We spoke with the founder and CEO, Per Andersson.

  • Nudie Jeans

    Nudie Jeans

    It started as a small scale project in Gothenburg in 2001, but today you find Nudie Jeans in more than 30 countries around the world. The new FW12 collection is made entirely from organic cotton – a milestone for sustainable fashion.

  • Duns


    Duns children’s clothing opened in 2007 and has been offering organic clothing in colorful patterns ever since then. All garments are unisex and designed in Gothenburg.

  • Villervalla


    The children’s clothing brand Villervalla quickly became a favourite after the launch in Gothenburg in 2005. Bright colours and playful patterns are typical features.

  • Krypton Form

    Krypton Form

    Krypton form is a Gothenburg-based design agency working with industrial design and product development, among other things.

  • Twist & Tango

    Twist & Tango

    Twisted & Tango launched in the mid 90’s with a brand focused around simple, modern fashion for women. The idea is based on a belief that fashion is the best way to express personal style.

  • KappAhl kick-started in Gothenburg

    KappAhl kick-started in Gothenburg

    The fashion giant KappAhl has 380 shops in five different countries, and nearly 5 000 employees. But did you know that it all started in a basement in Kallebäck, Gothenburg? We had a chat with Carina Ladow, Vice President Assortment and Design, about the Gothenburg textile tradition.