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    Gothenburg has an exciting mix of international fashion brands, independent shops, pedestrian streets, malls and department stores.

    It's easy to make shopping an experience in Gothenburg. You will find everything from unique fashion by local designers, chic vintage and second hand bargains or international fashion trends.


  • 24 H: shopping

    24 H: shopping

    Gothenburg has everything from shopping malls to local design boutiques. We have put together enough inspiration to last a whole day – or more. Join us for a great day of shopping!

  • Shopping: Swedish design

    Shopping: Swedish design

    The Scandinavian design tradition is characterised by minimalism design and functionality.

  • Men's shopping

    Men's shopping

    In Gothenburg men don’t get the short end of the stick when it comes to shopping.

  • Shopping: Haga

    Shopping: Haga

    The cosy pedestrian street Haga Nygata is lined with independent shops and cafés.

  • Shopping: Linné

    Shopping: Linné

    The Linné neighbourhood is an inviting place for independent shopping.

  • Shopping: Alternative at Långgatorna

    Shopping: Alternative at Långgatorna

    The slightly alternative streets Långgatorna has plenty of small shops, cafés and pubs.

  • Shopping: Avenyn

    Shopping: Avenyn

    Exclusive fashion and selected flagship stores are found along the main boulevard Kungsportsavenyn.

  • Trendy inner city

    Trendy inner city

    The charming inner city neighbourhood has a large selection of shops, including local design and international brands. It's the perfect place for a shopping spree, with plenty of cafés and restaurants.

  • Shopping under one roof

    Shopping under one roof

    Do you like to shop for clothes, accessories and more in one place? Choose from various shopping options under one single roof, ranging from the large mall Nordstan to the exclusive department store NK.

  • Shopping: When it rains...

    Shopping: When it rains...

    Gear up for autumn with our guide to shops with clothes for all weathers.

  • Shopping: Vintage

    Shopping: Vintage

    Second hand shopping in Gothenburg is easy and fun and you'll find everyting from fancy antiques to vintage fashion.

  • Shopping: interior design

    Shopping: interior design

    Shabby chic, Scandinavian 1950s vintage or a personal mix of antiques and minimalistic design?

  • Find inspiration in our magazine

    Find inspiration in our magazine

    Read about selected retailers in fashion, design and home decor.

  • Gothenburg – the fashion city

    Gothenburg has a thriving fashion scene and several local designers have become very successful abroad. We asked a few local talents and fashion pros why Gothenburg stands out.