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Björkös härliga natur


  • Archipelago
Address: Bohus-Björkö
Bohus-Björkö is one of the biggert islands in Gothenburgs archipelago. There are many restaurants, child friendly swimming spots, a guest harbour and Restaurant Seaside hotel and hostel.
The harbour area has a handful of places to check out including a small convenience shop, a pizzeria and a brittish pub. If you walk north of the harbour, you will find a good swimming spot which overlooks Källö-Knippla which is a superb place to take a break if only for the view.
From Björkö you can reach the islands Kalvsund, Grötö, Källö-Knippla and Öckerö by ferry. Tickets and fares by Västtrafik public transport. Free trip with the Gothenburg City Card.

Contact information


Bus: 24 from Nils Ericson Terminal
Stop: Lilla Varholmen
Tickets and fares by Västtrafik http://www.vasttrafik.se/
Free bus trip with the Gothenburg City Card: http://www.goteborg.com/en/Travel/Public-transport/

By car to Lilla Varholmen:
Follow highroad 155 to Hisingen / Öckerö.
From Lilla Varholmen you catch the car ferry to Björkö. The ferry is free of charge.
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