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Vrångö, Vrångö hamn
Vrångö, Kjell Holmner


  • Archipelago
Address: Vrångö
Vrångö is the most southerly island of the Gothenburg archipelago. Around 380 people live there the whole year round. The island contains a post office, shops, and schools, among other things. Fishing is still an important industry and the there are six working fishing boats on the island. The island is most famous for its beautiful nature reserves and excellent sandy beaches.
The inhabited areas of Vrångö lie like a belt across the island and the areas both north and south of this belt are protected nature reserves. The flora and fauna are diverse and there are many rare species to be seen. The bird life too is rich and provides a real treat for bird-spotters. In summer, the island bathing spots, from the sandy beaches and the rocky outcrops, draw many visitors.

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Tram 11
Stop: Saltholmen
Continue with ferry to Vrångö.
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