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Masthugget Church
Masthuggskyrkan red.jpg, Kjell Holmner

Masthugget Church

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Address: Storebackegatan, 41318 Göteborg
This 1914 church is a well-known sea navigation landmark in Gothenburg and a great example of the National Romantic style. Splendid viewpoint. The Architect is Sigfrid Ericsson.
Around 90,000 tourists visit the church every year, correspondingly affecting the church and the parish itself.


Great view over Gothenburg and the harbour. Combine a visit to Masthuggskyrkan with the Gathenhielmska culture landmark and the Maritime Museum and Aquarium.

Contact information

Address: Storebackegatan,41318,Göteborg,Sweden
Opening hours: During June - July - August, the church is open every day between the hours. 9.00 to 18.00. The rest of the year, the church is open weekdays. 9.00 to 16.00.
Phone number: +46317319230


Tram 3, 9, 11
Stop: Stigbergstorget

Bus: 60
Stop: Fjällskolan
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