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Park Lane

Park Lane

  • Nightclubs
Address: Kungsportavenyn 38, 411 36 Göteborg
Located at the top of the main boulevard, Avenyn, this is a place that takes nightclubbing deadly seriously. Everything required for a good night out is here: glittering disco lights, bars, performers, shows and ostentatious people. At the weekend, the party is always in full swing with plenty of club nights such as Spritluckan on Sundays and Queer gay night on the last Friday of every month.
Park Lane is also famous for its after party. When international celebrities are in town, they come here to unwind after their concerts. The list of celebrities who have been to this exclusive nightclub is very long!
Don't be overawed by its exclusivity, everyone is welcome and there is a great mix of people.
Age limit and entrance fee varies

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Contact information

Address: Kungsportavenyn 38,411 36,Göteborg
Phone number: 4631206058


Tram 4, 5
Stop: Berzeliigatan
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