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Feskekôrka fish market hall
Feskekörka, Kjell Holmner
Feskekörka, Jorma Valkonen
Feskekörka, Niklas Bernstone
Feskekörka, Superstudio D&D AB

Feskekôrka fish market hall

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Address: Rosenlundsvägen, 41120 Göteborg
The Feskekôrka, (‘fish church’ in Swedish) as it quickly became known, is an indoor fish and seafood market where you can buy all kinds of seafood delicacies caught on the day.
Feskekôrka was built in 1874 and was an architectural experiment by Victor von Gegerfelt, a military man and architect and one of the two most influential architects from the mid-19th century. He was inspired by the wooden Norwegian stave churches and stone Gothic churches. The idea was to have a room without pillars.

Contact information

Address: Rosenlundsvägen,41120,Göteborg
Opening hours: See website.
Phone number: 4631134681


Tram 1, 3, 6, 9, 11
Stop: Järntorget
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