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The Gothenburg Opera
GöteborgsOperan/Salongen, GöteborgsOperan, Ingmar Jernberg
Göteborgsoperan, Ingmar Jernberg
GöteborgsOperan, Ingmar Jernberg

The Gothenburg Opera

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Address: Christina Nilsssons Gata, 41104 Göteborg
The Gothenburg Opera was inaugurated in 1994 and is to be found next to Lilla Bommen in the Gothenburg. Here opera, dance and musicals are performed under the same roof. Responsibilities include breadth and depth, new and old, known and unknown, to challenge, entertain, move, comfort and spread joy.
When the Göteborg Opera was inaugurated the stagecraft was the most advanced in the world. And now, after a comprehensive renovation in 2009 the opera house is once again one of the best in the world in this field.


Guided tours can be booked in advance.

For disabled visitors:
There are specially designated places for wheelchair users as well as attendants to help you. Hearing devices are available to borrow.

Contact information

Address: Christina Nilsssons Gata,41104,Göteborg,Sweden
Website: en.opera.se
Email: info@opera.se
Phone number: +4631131300


Tram: 5, 10
Stop: Lilla Bommen
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