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  • Traditional Christmas candy

    Bräutigams’ chocolate-dipped marzipan pigs and Flickorna Kanold’s delicious chocolate pralines are a must for anyone wanting to tantalise their taste buds with something extra special at Christmas. And right now production at both the Gothenburg companies is in full swing.


    Bräutigams, which since 1993 has had its production in Fjärås, 40km south of Gothenburg, starts making its marzipan pigs early on in October.
    - We produce 20,000 handmade marzipan pigs and 80,000 marzipan cigars each year, so we need to start in good time. We visit several Christmas fairs and they begin as early as October, says Patrik Bräutigam, who together with his brother Peter is the fifth generation of Bräutigams to run the company.

    Flickorna Kanold, which since 1998 is run by Jeanna Kanold, has their production in Saluhallen food hall at Kungstorget in central Gothenburg. Passersby can stop and watch through the glass windows to see how top-of-the-line chocolate is made. - There’s a real craft involved in making chocolate and we want to let our customers see this. People can stand and watch us for quite some time, says Jeanna Kanold.

    Bräutigams and Flickorna Kanolds have much in common. Both companies have a history which stretches back to before the turn of the last century. Newly arrived in Gothenburg from Germany, Emil Bräutigam and the brothers Anton and Fred Kanold set up the businesses that are still thriving today. The current Bräutigam brothers Peter and Patrik are great-great-grandchildren of Emil, and Jeanna Kanold is married to Christian, who is a fourth generation Kanold.

    November and December are those months of the year that are most hectic. Bräutigams’ Christmas sales for example make up around 70% of their annual turnover.
    - We travel round lots of different fairs and also sell more than usual in our shops in Fjärås, Haga and at Frölunda Torg. We also have two stalls at Liseberg’s Christmas market, says Patrik Bräutigam.

    Flickorna Kanold will not be at Liseberg’s Christmas market this year but those wanting chocolate can simply head over to Saluhallen food hall on Kungstorget, visit their shop on Södra Larmgatan or their café at Grönsakstorget. Or why not visit all three? They’re all just a few minutes walk from each other.
    - It’s a perfect location, convenient for both locals and tourist, says Jeanna Kanold.

    Jeanna Kanold has recently released a book titled ‘Med kärlek till choklad’ (With love for chocolate), where she shares her own recipes, the company’s history and tonnes of interesting facts about chocolate. The book is on sale in good book shops and for those visiting Liseberg’s Christmas market, it is available in the temporary book shop which Bokia set up during November and December.