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    There are several interesting landmarks for the foodie to explore in Gothenburg. The most famous ones are probably the fish market hall Feskekôrka and the grand market hall.

    Combine city sights with food for the perfect culinary tour of the city. Here are some of the most famous market halls and culinary stops that you must not miss.

  • Briggen Market Hall

    Briggen Market Hall

    Nordhemsgatan 28, Gothenburg

    The indoor-market is located in an old fire station where you can find high-quality meats like beef, pork, lamb, poultry and game. The market even has its own facilities for processing Swedish organic meat.

  • Feskekôrka



    The market hall for fish and shellfish is a characteristic building from 1874, with a church-like design. The market has several fishmongers and restaurants. Buy some take away-shrimps and sit by the canal or try Restaurant Gabriel upstairs.

  • Fish Market

    Fish Market

    Stroll down early to the harbour and the largest fish market in the country. This is where you truly experience the genuine atmosphere of a city by the sea. You might bump in to one or two chefs looking for fresh seafood. The market is well-worth rising early for, even though the public can't shop here. The market is open Tuesdays - Fridays from 06:30.

  • Kville Market Hall

    Kville Market Hall

    Gustaf Dalénsgatan 2

    The airy Kville Market Hall opened in 2013, the same year it was nominated to the prestigious award ‘Kasper Salin-prize’. Here you'll find everything from flowers, vegetables and fruit to local foods and tastes from all over the world.

  • Lejonet & Björnen

    Lejonet & Björnen

    Ice-cream-lovers will find their own Mecca at Danska vägen in east Gothenburg. This traditional ice cream bar serves almost 50 different types of ice cream, as well as freshly made waffles and ice cream drinks.

  • The Market Hall

    The Market Hall

    The whole world is represented among the many different food stalls and eateries available here. You can buy various delicacies, spices, coffee, cheese or just enjoy the atmosphere and dine in one of the restaurants.