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  • Guides to culinary Gothenburg

    Are you looking for local and fresh produce? Do you want to head out on a culinary journey or find the perfect restaurant for a special occasion?

    For your help we have made a collection of our culinary guides.

    Do you have an idea for a new guide? Tell us at redaktion@goteborg.com.

  • Food & drink: After work

    Food & drink: After work

    In Sweden, we celebrate the work week at a restaurant socialising with our colleagues. Many restaurants have special after work offers, for example a reasonably priced buffet, entertainment and live music.

  • Food & drink: Afternoon tea

    Food & drink: Afternoon tea

    In Gothenburg you will find several cosy cafes serving afternoon tea, both the traditional buffet with clotted cream and lemon curd as well as Swedish variations.

  • Food & drink: Alfresco dining

    Food & drink: Alfresco dining

    A shopping break, a quick stop before the theatre or as a pleasant start to the evening – Gothenburg's open-air restaurants and pavement cafés offer a relaxed way to experience good food, enjoy the atmosphere or just sit back and people-watch.

  • Food & drink: Brunch Guide

    Food & drink: Brunch Guide

    A sumptuous brunch with good coffee, freshly baked bread and tasty spreads is the best way to start the day. In Gothenburg you'll find brunch menus with everything from rustic American-style buffets to Italian specialities .

  • Food & Drink: Culinary attractions

    Food & Drink: Culinary attractions

    There are several interesting landmarks for the foodie to explore in Gothenburg. The most famous ones are probably the fish market hall Feskekôrka and the grand market hall.

  • Eco-friendly dining

    Eco-friendly dining

    Gothenburg is a great city for fine dining with a green twist. Many restaurants, cafés and eateries use local, seasonal and organic produce. Also be sure not to miss the food truck Strömmingsluckan for traditional Swedish street food or one of the bakeries selling organic sourdough breads.

  • Food & drink: Sports bars

    Food & drink: Sports bars

    One of the best ways to experience live sports, besides just live, is with good friends having a meal at a restaurant. In Gothenburg several restaurants offers a great atmosphere and good picture quality from big screens when there's a sporting events going on.

  • Food & drink: Ice cream galore

    Food & drink: Ice cream galore

    There are plenty of ice cream kiosks dotted around Gothenburg, many off them offering a wide selection of flavours and types. The following are just a few of the ice cream outlets in the city, well worth a detour.

  • Food & drink: Vegetarian

    Food & drink: Vegetarian

    Are you a vegetarian and looking for gourmet food? Or are you just curious to try the green kitchen's flavour palette? Many of Gothenburg's top restaurants offer both exciting and ambitious vegetarian dishes.