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    After a major renovation and just in time for Christmas, the city’s food halls (Saluhallen) re-open soon. In the heart of this beautiful old building, among the vendors and their tempting products, you’ll find Flickorna Kanold, a chocolate and praline lovers heaven that continues to delight new generations of locals and visitors with exquisite expressions of sweet delight. On a cold, windswept November afternoon, we met Jeanna Kanold the driving force behind this truly unique business.

    Jeanna - the holiday season must be an important time for you?
    – This year, the city is getting a great gift – the ‘new’ Saluhallen. This adds extra spice to what is already an exciting time of year, so right now I’m creating and testing new seasonal flavours.

    Such as?
    – Orange and cinnamon truffles, two different saffron pralines, mint, caramel, gingerbread spiced truffles. I’ve also been testing with cardamom and ginger. These tastes and aromas are traditionally associated with Christmas and I like to see them express themselves in our selection at that time of year.

    Why is chocolate such an enduring passion for you?
    - Where can I start? The aroma, the taste, the consistency. It’s ability to make people happy, comfort them when they’re sad. The emotional reactions it creates. The shop here, the shop we have in the new Saluhallen and our café on Grönsaktorget – these are the places I have the opportunity to show people what real chocolate is and just how fantastic it can be.

    What do you mean by real chocolate?
    – I mean just natural ingredients – no additives, flavourings or colourings. If you try our raspberry truffles for example – these are made with real fruit, not syrup. Our kitchen, where we create, develop and test new flavours, is behind our shop in Saluhallen. Anyone walking past can see in and check out exactly what we are doing. I want it to be like this so people understand that what we are creating is genuine and handmade. Drop by and take a look for yourself!

    Amongst all these temptations are there any icon delicacies new customers shouldn’t miss?
    Our Gothenburg Tryffel, topped with flakes of sea salt is a real favourite. I developed it for the national championships in Stockholm in 2005. Chilli is also a classic ingredient now. At our café in Grönsakstorget try a hot chocolate the way it should be made. Milk, pure homemade chocolate and a few chilli flakes. It’s guaranteed to warm up any winter’s day, no matter how cold!

    After so many years, how do you personally stay passionate about chocolate?
    I never have to worry about that! Every day is a new challenge, full of expectation. I love stirring a pot of melted chocolate, letting my imagination run wild on how I can flavour it. I love the process of testing, tasting and refining until eventually I have a flavour I can add to our range. For me it’s like painting a picture or writing a great song because ultimately my job is to make people happy - and that’s all the motivation I’ll ever need.