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  • With passion for food

    A strong tradition, award winning chefs and a geographic position close to the most fresh primarys there is. This is why Gothenburg is a top food destination, not only in Sweden, but in whole Europe. Meet some of the chefs that keep this position forward.

  • Bengt Linde

    Bengt Linde

    Bengt Linde is a man who clearly likes to juggle several balls at the same time. As chairman of the Gothenburg Restaurant Association - Taste of Gothenburg, part-owner of Michelin starred restaurant Fond and a driving force behind many of the city’s culinary initiatives, it is his job to ensure Gothenburg’s restaurants and chefs maintain.

  • Björn Persson

    Björn Persson

    Familjen is a brasserie inspired by the classic French model and presented in modern, Swedish form – it also boasts one of the city’s most impressive wine cellars. We met driving force and part-owner Björn Persson to share his thoughts on how wine and spirits play a part in characterising this colourful restaurant.

  • Claes Grännsjö

    Claes Grännsjö

    Like many Gothenburg residents, when spring comes, Claes Grännsjö approaches his work with renewed energy. As Head Chef at the city’s Kock & Vin restaurant, it’s another season and another challenge – and challenges are something Claes clearly enjoys.

  • Edin Dzemat

    Edin Dzemat

    As dining experiences go, Linnea Art Restaurant in the heart of Gothenburg’s event district is in a class of its own. Combining art and world-class dining was an ambitious idea – no surprise then that inspirational chef and driving force Edin Dzemat is a man for whom passion comes as second nature.

  • Frida Ronge

    Frida Ronge

    In the 80s, four-year-old Frida Ronge was glued to the oven when her favourite dish, fish soufflé, was prepared. Just over twenty years later, she is still completely sold on seafood and runs the new sushi and raw food restaurant vRÅ in Gothenburg.

  • Gustav Trägårdh

    Gustav Trägårdh

    Take a trip out to the restaurant Sjömagasinet in Göteborgs archipelago and it won’t just be its location that stays in your mind. In the kitchen, the irrepressible Gustav Trägårdh is applying his unique skills and international experience to this most treasured of Göteborg institutions.

  • Hans Borén

    Hans Borén

    Tucked away in a quiet, leafy street but still within a stone’s throw of Goteborg’s famous Avenyn you’ll find 28+, a long-standing highlight of the city’s culinary portfolio. We met head chef Hans Borén and asked him for the secrets behind 28+ success and longevity.

  • Heidi Johansson

    Heidi Johansson

    The Italian Incontro is a maximised mingle restaurant and one of the best outdoor terraces in town. Heidi Johansson wants to take the restaurant at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre to new levels and show that they’ve got even more than the popular after work sessions. We met Heidi to talk Italian food, west coast-living and a lot more.

  • Håkan Thörnström

    Håkan Thörnström

    Håkan Thörnström has already managed to fit a lot into his career. Aged just 20, he was a member of the Swedish national chef’s team, competing in international tournaments against the world’s best. Now, as owner and head chef of critically acclaimed and newly Guide Michelin starred restaurant Thörnströms Kök, he is a leading figure in the recent renaissance of Swedish cuisine.

  • Jan Hedh

    Jan Hedh

    Chocolate expert, Master Pastry Chef and the man behind Pour Bon bakery – meet Jan Hedh.

  • Johan and Gunnar Malm

    Johan and Gunnar Malm

    The word ‘institution’ is frequently used to describe restaurants but in the case of Gabriel, it is fully deserved. Sitting on a raised terrace above the bustling Gothenburg fish market, Feskekörka, Gabriel has served fish and seafood dishes of the highest quality for over 25 years.

  • Johan Björkman and Jonas Larsson

    Johan Björkman and Jonas Larsson

    In spring 2014 Koka opened at Michelin-starred restaurant Kock & Vins former address. Chefs Johan Björkman and Jonas Larsson from Kock & Vin still run the show but at the new restaurant the menu is shorter and the prices are lower.

  • Magnus Lindström

    Magnus Lindström

    A restaurant, a deli-café and a food studio. Since 2000, Swedish Taste has been surely but steadily developing a concept with the love of food at its centre. In the surroundings of their modern dining room overlooking Gothenburg’s harbour and magnificent opera house, we met driving force Magnus Lindström to hear the story behind the story.

  • Mats Nordström

    Mats Nordström

    Mats Nordström started Wasa Allé seven years ago with the desire to highlight the unique Gothenburg cuisine together with a wholehearted attempt to go for organic and locally produced food.

  • Ola Carlsson

    Ola Carlsson

    At the restaurant Gropen, its history is ever present. Back in the late 1800s the cellar under the theater Stora Teatern was a homey and lively venue for the Gothenburg habitants. Now, more than 100 years later, the restaurateur Ola Carlsson invites you to a restaurant with a luxurious living room atmosphere that serves rustic Swedish dishes with a twist.

  • Pelle Danielsson

    Pelle Danielsson

    In the heart of Gothenburg’s beautiful Linnestaden, lies one of the city’s gastronomic treasures. Since 1982, classic local restaurant and bar Hos Pelle has been serving tasty, well-cooked food in a cosy, welcoming atmosphere. We asked owner Pelle Danielsson about his recipe for success.

  • Robin Edberg

    Robin Edberg

    We have talked to Robin Edberg, who runs the organic bakery Cum Pane in Gothenburg, and was competing together with the Swedish National Baker's Team in the Baking World Cup at the big bread fair EuroPan in Paris in March.

  • Stefan Karlsson

    Stefan Karlsson

    Transmitting passion for his work is something that comes easy for Stefan Karlsson. As owner and head chef of Gothenburg restaurant Fond, Stefan has been at the cutting edge of creative cuisine in the city for over 30 years. A new exciting restaurant opening will take place in spring 2014 when Fond is closing after 15 years.

  • THomas Sjögren

    THomas Sjögren

    22 years young, Thomas Sjögren is the up-and-coming chef at award-winning restaurant Swedish Taste in the Gothenburg harbour. He is also bound to represent Gothenburg and Sweden in the Junior National Culinary Team, as well as a workshop leader at the event Try Swedish in London, where foodie Brits will learn about the art of Swedish gastronomy.

  • Tom Surma

    Tom Surma

    Tom Surma is the White Guide-acclaimed manager for one of the best bars in Sweden, taking the lead in the bar revolution sweeping through the country. The humble rapper from Lund started building up a bar at Familjen four years ago and has loved every bit of it. We visited him at the restaurant.

  • Ulf Wagner

    Ulf Wagner

    Ulf Wagner is a man of many parts. Entrepreneur, Michelin starred chef and since this spring, cultural custodian. In early 2011, Ulf and his business partner Gustav Trädgårdh acquired iconic Gothenburg fish and seafood reataurant Sjömagasinet from Swedish culinary legend Leif Mannerström.