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  • Get inspired to taste Gothenburg

    Now you can try to cook the fine food that Gothenburg offers. On this page the city's restarurants share their favorite recipes.

    Each season, the page is updated with new and seasonal dishes that you can challenge yourself with at home.

    Enjoy your meal!

  • Winter

  • Tvåkanten's blueberry tarte

    Tvåkanten's blueberry tarte

    An easy-made dessert that combines creaminess with tangy fruit.

  • Thörnström's venison

    Thörnström's venison

    Thinly sliced ​​sirlion of venison with Västerbotten cheese, horseradish and lingonberry vinaigrette.

  • Wasa Allé's wild duck

    Wasa Allé's wild duck

    Wild duck with carrots and elderberry sauce.

  • Thörnström's brill

    Thörnström's brill

    Butter poached brill with oyster angelotti, sauteed oyster mushrooms and oyster and parsley broth.

  • Spring

  • Långedrag's Fish Soup

    Långedrag's Fish Soup

    An exciting fish soup flavored with brandy, white wine and lobster stock. Served with grilled garlic bread.

  • Avalon's buttermilk bread

    Avalon's buttermilk bread

    A quick-baked bread with golden raisins, dried apricots and lots of mixed seeds.

  • Thörnström's spring poussin

    Thörnström's spring poussin

    Grilled poussin with celery root and truffel ecresse, baked onions and sherry and bay leaves gravy.

  • Swea Hof's egg and salmon salad

    Swea Hof's egg and salmon salad

    Poached eggs and smoked salmon with mixed salad, asparagus and nobis dressing.

  • Hamnkrogen's seafood soup

    Hamnkrogen's seafood soup

    An easy-made fish soup with classic flavors of fennel, garlic, wine, saffron and dill.

  • Hos Pelle's Nettle Pie

    Hos Pelle's Nettle Pie

    A lovely spring dish with tender nettles, served with caviar, sour cream, chives and lemon.

  • Fiskekrogen's seared cod

    Fiskekrogen's seared cod

    Seared cod with parsnip purée, pickled vegetables and mushroom croquettes.

  • Swea hof's mixed grill

    Swea hof's mixed grill

    Mixed grill and hot chorizo ​​with salsa, goat cheese yogurt and grilled vegetables.

  • Summer

  • Hos Pelle's Tafelspitz

    Hos Pelle's Tafelspitz

    Tafelspitz with spring vegetables and wild garlic bouillon.

  • Krister Dahl's BBQ side dishes

    Krister Dahl's BBQ side dishes

    Cucumber salsa with avocado, melon and chilli and crispy yogurt flavored with mint and radish.

  • Autumn

  • Hamnkrogen's angler fish

    Hamnkrogen's angler fish

    Butter-fried angler fish with porcini croquettes, sweetbreads and thyme glazed beets.

  • Ett's court dessert

    Ett's court dessert

    Dessert with meringue, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and blackberries.

  • Thörnström's raspberry mousse

    Thörnström's raspberry mousse

    Raspberry mousse with lemon cream and white chocolate ice cream.