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  • Biking in Gothenburg

    Riding a bicycle in Gothenburg saves time. And with over 600 km cycling routes the town has a great comprehensive bike road network that takes you to both islands and attractions in and around town. In the center you can borrow a bike through the popular bicycle loan system Styr & Ställ available utstpritt at 50 different stations over the central parts.

  • Bicycle Trip Planner

    Bicycle Trip Planner

    With Bicycle Trip Planner, you can calculate your route, approximate travel time and calorie consumption for your bike ride. You can also easily see the next cycle parking and where you can pump your bike. You can also download bicycle maps for Gothenburg and the neighboring municipalities of Mölndal and Partille.

  • Bicycle Rental

    Bicycle Rental

    In our Activity Guide we have collected a number of bicycle rental stores in Gothenburg, several of them in the archipelago.

  • Styr & ställ

    Styr & ställ

    Styr & Ställ is Gothenburg's bike rental system, a perfect way for the visitor to discover the city at your own pace. More than 50 stations in the center makes it easy to leave the bike near your destination.