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  • Public transport

    Göteborg City Card

    With Göteborg City Card you go by bus, tram and boat for free. You use one card for all public transport in the Gothenburg region. A 3-day ticket for Styr & Ställ bikes is also included.

    Furthermore, you get discounts and perks such as free entrance to the Liseberg amusement park, the Universeum science centre and several museums as well as a boat ride to the fortress New Älvsborg Fortress and much more.


    When traveling with Göteborg City Card you have to check in on the on board card reader each time you travel with public transport. Don't forget to fill out the back of your card for it to be valid.


    Despite the short walking distances in Gothenburg sore knees and tired feet might need some help by public transport from time to time. In Gothenburg it´s easy to get around by tram, boat, bus and bicycle.


    In Gothenburg you buy your tickets from the public transport company Västtrafik. You will recognize the Västtrafik ticket shops by their blue flags and décor on the façade. Most of them are kiosks like 7-Eleven and Pressbyrån or grocery stores. The same ticket is valid for buses, trams and boats. Be sure to by your ticket in advance since cash and card are not accepted on buses. On trams however, both cash and card are accepted at the on board vending machines. On ferries to the southern archipelago as well as all trains you can pay with both cash and card while the ferries that cross the river Göta älv accept cards.

    Single ticket, fares from SEK 25.

    1-day ticket, fares from SEK 80, as well as 3-day ticket, fares from SEK 160. Travel as much as you want by bus, tram, boat and train during 24 or 72 hours. If you are older than 20 years of age you can bring along up to three people younger than 20 years on the same ticket, without any extra charge.


    Trams and buses

    With more than 100 bus routes and a dozen tram routes it is really convenient to get around in Gothenburg. Check routes, departures and timetables right in your Iphone or Android phone with the Reseplaneraren (travel planner) app, or on the web version.

    For tram passengers there is a tram sightseeing app that tells you the history of Gothenburg and points out interesting sights during the ride. The app is developed by the public transport company Västtrafik together with the City Museum of Gothenburg and available for Iphone and Android.

    Boats to the archipelago

    From the boat terminal at Saltholmen in Gothenburg several boat routes take you to the southern archipelago all year around. Take tram 11 (or 9 during the summer) from central Gothenburg to the Saltholmen stop. Regular tram and bus tickets are also valid on the archipelago boats. The ferries to the northern archipelago depart from Lilla Varholmen on Hisingen island and are free of charge.

    Transport across the river

    When you want to get across the river Göta älv or just experience Gothenburg from the water there are two ferries to choose from. The ferry Älvsnabben goes along the river and is included in regular tickets while the ferry Älvsnabbaren is completely free and goes across the river. You are allowed to bring bicycles on both ferries. Routes and itineraries are available in the Reseplaneraren (travel planner) app for both Iphone and Android as well as on the web version.

    If you are in Gothenburg during the winter season taking one of the river ferries is a great way to experience the city from the water. Why not take the Älvsnabben ferry from Lilla Bommen close to the opera house to the pier Lindholmspiren and take a nice walk on the north side of the river? Visit the cosy harbour Sannegårdshamnen or go take a look at Sweden´s biggest gantry crane at Eriksberg.



    With more than 600 kilometres of bicycle routes Gothenburg is a treat for anyone who likes cycling. With the bike hire system Styr & Ställ you can pick up a bike from one of 50 stations spread out around town. A 3-day ticket suits most and can be bought with card right at the terminal next to every bike station.

    3-day ticket, price SEK 25 (+ SEK 140 in reservation fee)

    When you rent a bike the first half hour is always free, no matter how many times you pick up a bike. The second half hour cost SEK 10 and the third SEK 20. The fourth half hour and more cost SEK 40 for every started half hour.