Address: Skeppsbron
Stop: Lilla Torget
Phone: +46317113450

The Swedish singer and composer Evert Taube grew up here and his father was the lighthouse-keeper from 1890 and onwards. Their house is a museum and you can join a guided tour.

The Vinga lighthouse and beacon has since medieval times been very important for shipping, first for fleets heading to Lödöse, and later for shiploads to Gothenburg. As early as 1605 Karl IX ordered the building of sea marks for the ships to navigate at Vinga. In the early 1700s Vinga got a pyramidal wooden tower and the lighthouse is from 1890.

You can also go swimming, fishing, hiking and enjoy the stunning scenery on your own.

M/S Walona departs from the pier Stenpiren. There is a café on board. The boat is accessible for the disabled.