Little Jinder, May 26

Little Jinder is one of Sweden's most successful pop wonders right now. Go see her when she opens the concert summer at Liseberg.

Emmylou Harris, August 3

Emmylou Harris is coming to Gothenburg! What a treat it will be to see one of the world’s most iconic country artists at this beautiful outdoor stage.

Kris Kristofferson, June 14

From one country icon to another: Kris Kristofferson will also stop by Gothenburg this summer. We’re looking forward to seeing him perform songs like Me and Bobby McGee, Help Me Make it Through the Night and Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down.

First Aid Kit, June 21

With albums like The Lion’s Roar and Stay Gold, First Aid Kit has grown to become one of Sweden’s most successful international bands. Go and see them!

Alice Cooper, July 26

Alice Cooper is coming to Sweden with the luggage full of makeup, blood, and hits like School's Out and Poison.


House of Pain, 6 juli

Remember mega hit Jump Around from 1992 (if you were born back then)? The hiphop trio House of Pain is coming to Gothenburg.


Bad Religion + Millencolin, 9 augusti

Los Angeles based punk legends Bad Religion will perform at Liseberg Amusement Park together with Swedish (almost equally legendary) punk band Millencolin.

Henrik Berggren, July 21

Henrik Berggren used to be the singer in Broder Daniel, one of Sweden’s most beloved bands of all times. Now he’s back, performing under his own name.

Peg Parnevik, July 14

Peg Parnevik has made a comet career in Sweden and her debut single Ain't no saint has been streamed over twenty million times on Spotify. It was also nominated for a Grammy for Best Song.