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  • Guides to green Gothenburg

    Gothenburg is an excellent destination for the environmentally conscious traveller. Most major events and attractions in the city are eco-certified and there are a lot of boutiques that combine good quality with sustainable production.

    In addition, because of the compact city center, most attractions are within walking distance. You can also take the eco-friendly trams and the city's bicycle rental system makes it easy to discover the city by bike. There are also plenty of parks and green spaces, equivalent to 175 square meters of green space per inhabitant.

  • Sustainable shopping

    Sustainable shopping

    Whether you're looking for clothes, design items or furniture, Gothenburg has a wide selection of shops that combine good quality with eco-friendly production. You can also browse the many second-hand and vintage shops, a sustainable way to find unique clothes and accessories.

  • Eco-friendly dining

    Eco-friendly dining

    Gothenburg is a great city for fine dining with a green twist. Many restaurants, cafés and eateries use local, seasonal and organic produce. Also be sure not to miss the food truck Strömmingsluckan for traditional Swedish street food or one of the bakeries selling organic sourdough breads.

  • Green experiences

    Green experiences

    Most of Gothenburg’s major attractions are working on making their activities more sustainable. And many of the larger events, such as way Out West, The Gothenburg Culture festival and the Christmas City, are all eco-certified.

  • Eco-certified hotels

    Eco-certified hotels

    It's easy to have a green stay in Gothenburg. Around 90 per cent of the hotel rooms are eco-certified and the goal is to go even greener. This makes Gothenburg one of the greenest hotel cities in the world and Gothenburg was appointed the best eco-tourism destination in Europe 2011. It’s also a certified Fairtrade City.

  • Styr & ställ

    Styr & ställ

    Styr & Ställ is Gothenburg's bike rental system, a perfect way for the visitor to discover the city at your own pace. More than 50 stations in the center makes it easy to leave the bike near your destination.

  • Travel with public transport

    Travel with public transport

    Tram, bus or boat. Public transport is well developed and take you everywhere in town. With the Gothenburg City Card you conveniently travel for free in all public transport in Gothenburg and the neighbouring municipalities.