In Gothenburg there are heaps, so finding the right place can be tricky. Especially if you want to find the not so mainstream and something off the Avenue (Kungsportsavenyen). This is the guide to the slightly more alternative side of the Gothenburg nightlife.

Around the square Järntorget

Pustervik sits right by the Järntorget square and offers live music almost every night. The club has been around since the 1920s and often houses big name artists and bands. You can find most of the concerts in our events calendar. On what’s probably the most boring day of the week, Monday, Pustervik hosts the Pingisklubben (Ping-Pong Club). It’s exactly like you think, an extremely popular mix of ping-pong, beer and dance. Next to Pustervik is Folk, a bar and restaurant with natural wine, ecologic spirits and a fully vegetarian menu.

On the other side of the Järntorget square you’ll find the, among Gothenburgers, famous and infamous street Andra Långgatan. It is packed with bars, locals and good atmosphere. A favourite among beer and whiskey nerds is The Rover, with one of the biggest selections in town with multiple guest beers on tap, Swedish microbrewery beer and a range of whiskies where everyone can find something in their own taste. A little further down the street is the trendy Café Publik who’s got DJ:s spinning records almost every night, and is very popular among the younger crowd.

A trendy place near the main boulevard Avenyn

Yaki-Da is located only a stones throw from the Avenue (Kungsportsavenyen). This four stories high night club is an eclectic mix of alternative and mainstream. Everyone is welcome, no suit-requirement and just let loose and dance like there is no tomorrow at the Coffee bar, Absinth bar or the summer terrace.

Within the moat

Within the moat, right by the popular Feskekôrka (Fish Church) sits the North and South American inspired restaurant-pub-club Barabicu. Yes, the name might be a bit hard to pronounce but you won’t be disappointed here. Delicous food, awesome cocktails and a wide selection on almost anything drinkable, this hybrid club-restaurant meets your expectations on Fridays through to Saturdays when DJ:s deliver tunes of New Orleans hip hop, funk-soul mix and disco from NYC.

If you want to dance, Nefertiti (or “Nef” by the locals), is a good fit. It may be a jazz club but the club houses one of the most vibrant dance floors in the city. Furthermore, the program is packed with live music almost every day of the week. If you really want it all you should visit the last Saturday of the month when Nefertiti hosts Club Parlour and DJ:s are playing classic and unknown disco as well as rock and psychedelia. The dance floor is almost always packed.

Down one of the trendiest streets of Gothenburg, Magasinsgatan, you find a tribute to the Mexican 1920s in the form of Puta Madre - a restaurant and bar with red velvet decor, chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and the largest selections of tequila in the Nordics. This isn’t the place for one who wants to dance, though it is really the crème de la crème if you appreciate a good bar. 

A real classic when it comes to bars in Gothenburg is Sticky Fingers. It’s located just a short walk from Puta Madre and you can expect to see a live rock gig almost every open night.

If you just can’t get enough, go all in on the Sunday club at Peacock and enjoy the beautiful interior design and the well tasting drinks.