Opening hours

Open 25 April - 11 October, open daily 27 May - 16 August.

You'll the opening hours in detail at Liseberg's website.

Göteborg City Card

The Göteborg City Card gives you one free entrance as well as one free additional visit if you have the 48- or 72-hour card.


For information about accessibility please read more here.


Address: Örgrytevägen 5
Stop: Liseberg
Phone: +4631400100

New for 2015 is the massive swing-ride Mechanica. An attraction that spins 360 degrees while going 30 meters up in the air. This'll challange even the bravest of visitors.


Also be sure to try the roller coaster Helix, Liseberg's largest roller coaster. The track is almost 1.4 km (4,500 feet) long and the ride lasts for two minutes including seven inversions, three airtime hills and plenty of drops, twists and turns.

Apart from Helix AtmosFear is a must, the tallest free fall in Europe. Also make sure you try the award-winning wooden roller coaster Balder.

Liseberg amusement park has two stars in the Michelin Green Guide.