The exhibition will present both individuals and groups that have had major impact on the music scene in Gothenburg from the 50's until today. Meet the artists, visit the sites and take part in the spirit and sound.

Among others, meet the hip hoppers, rockers, punks and indie poppers, not to mention artists such as The Knife, Spotnicks, Inflames, Leila K and Soundtrack of Our Lives, from todays Aurelia Dey to early 50´s rocker Chris Lennart and 60´s pop icon Doris.

Lyrics, clothing styles and the music tell about dreams, feelings of longing home or away, love and desire for change. Loved or hated, popular music offers each generation a free zone to find our own way.

The exhibition is based on material from the City Museum's collections and a large amount loaned material from private individuals and musicians. In the exhibition you find two studios where you can learn how to play instruments and dance.

Göteborg City Museum has longer opening hours on Wednesdays: 10.00-20.00.


Read more about the exhibition here.