1. Loke

In what Liseberg calls a legendary investment, the amusement park will create a brand new concept for the 8,000-square-metre area near Balder, including shops, rides and restaurants.

In Norse mythology, Loke was the most treacherous and devious of all the giants of Asgard. He cunningly and cold-bloodedly forged plans to kill the kindest and best-loved of the gods, Balder. In April 2017 the battle between the two giants will begin.

Loke is a huge Gyro-Swing ride, the tallest in Europe, and it’ll swing so close to Balder that it feels as if the attractions will collide.

In 2018 the area will get another addition when Valkyria arrives. Europe’s longest dive coaster with a vertical drop and a top speed of 105 kph.

Loke facts:

Manufacturer: Intamin
Attraction type: Gyro Swing
Height, construction: 27 m
Max. height of gondola: 42 m
Max. angle of swing: 120 degrees
Max. speed: 100 kph
Number of passengers/ride: 40
Ride duration: 100 seconds
Capacity: 900 passengers/hour

2. Klubbland

Klubbland is an interactive tribute to Håkan Hellström, one of the most popular artists in Sweden. His songs have been streamed over 25 million hours on streaming service Spotify and he plays in front of sold out crowds all over the country. The Klubbland experience uses music, video and memorabilia to celebrate Håkan Hellström. It opens for the Liseberg summer opening on April 22, and will stay open all year.  

Foto: Sören Håkanlind