Theatre: Hamlet

Shakespeare's Hamlet is back on stage at Folkteatern with a whole new dimension to the Danish prince, where words meet dance. Insane or not? Wicked or revolutionary? Who is the fool of our time? See the play this spring.
Folkteatern, 4 March–19 April.
Language: Swedish.

Theatre: De andra

The play is aimed at youths from 15 years and up and is described as an investigation into migration and identity in a post-apocalyptic Sweden. We meet mother and daugther in a story about having two home countries – or none at all. The script is among other things written after talks with people of Somali background living in Sweden.
Angereds Teater/Blå stället, 10 March–28 April.
Language: Swedish, with a few Somali words.

Theatre: Körsbärsträdgården (eng. 'The Cherry Orchard')

Anton Tjechov's play from 1904 puts action against paralysis and new against old. Director  Anja Suša has placed the performance in modern time.
Göteborg City Theatre, 24 March–22 April.
Language: Swedish.

Opera: Trollflöjten (eng. 'The Magic Flute')

The revival of Trollflöjten is here. The opera is focused around the fight for love, framed by Mozart's music in a performance directed by Rikard Bergqvist. You can count on both some drama and comedy on stage. 
Göteborgsoperan, 1 April–3 June.
Language: Swedish.

Contemporary circus + opera: Satyagraha

Cirkus Cirkör and Folkoperan has created a performance in three acts about the young Mahatma Gandhis time in South Africa. They show by Philip Glass mixes contemporary Cirkus with opera and is performed with a full orchestra.
Stora teatern, 29 April–1 May.
Language: Sanskrit, with Swedish summary.

Theatre: A Map to Get Lost

The play is a collaboration with Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Art and is described as a Youtube-marathon meets performing arts or a hypermedia browsing race. Our thoughts follow no linear patterns, they hop here and there, like we do online. Every performance is unique and every performance has its own premiere.
Backa Teater, 5–13 May.
Language: Swedish.

Theatre: Allt som blev kvar

Allt som blev kvar – Minnen väger tyngre än guld by Kardo Razazzi is premiering at Folkteatern this spring. The performance is about memories that weigh more than gold and he says: "My mother carried a AK-47 and my dad a microphone. I scrumped apples in Bredäng, had a Hollywood role in Morocco and bought a flat in Gothenburg. In between all this, something wierd happened, let me tell you..." (translation from Swedish).
Folkteatern, 20–27 May.
Language: Swedish

Theatre: En man som heter Ove (eng. 'A Man Called Ove')

Meet Johan Rheborg at Draken in the one-man show En man som heter Ove, after the Swedish book by the same name. Ove is a tragicomical man who is tired of life, but everything is turned upside-down when the new neighbours move in.
Draken, 7–23 September. Language: Swedish

Musical: Phantom of the Opera

Andrew Lloyd Webber's classic musical from 1948 is coming to Gothenburg. The story is about the power of music and the human wish to be loved. Tickets are released 3 April.
Göteborgsoperan, 23 September 2017–27 May 2018.
Language: English, with Swedish subtitles.

Musical: Cats

Yet another chance to see a show by Andrew Lloyd Webber in Gothenburg this autumn – this time in a large-sized performance at Scandinavium. Cats has toured in over 30 countries and has been translated into 15 different languages since the world premiere and you can enjoy a lot of classics as far as music goes – such as the ballad Memory.
Scandinavium arena, 28 September–1 October.
Language: English.


Top image: Körsbärsträdgården at the City Theatre, Foto: Aorta.

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