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Restaurang Trädgår’n

Restaurang Trädgår’n

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Address: Nya Allén 11, 41138 Göteborg
An award-winning restaurant in beautiful surroundings. Trädgår’n has flexible facilities and menus for all occasions, from close family parties to corporate events. As well as its modern restaurant, Trädgår’n also offers a stage, function rooms, conference facilities and a nightclub.
The staff has a lot of experience of larger events where planning is required to make everything work. Every year, Trädgår'n hosts weddings, fashion shows, concerts, shows, private parties and other events. Whenever there are events in the city Trädgår`n is most likely to hold the festivities. Trädgår´n also hosts one of the largest nightclubs with one of the most spectacular laser shows in Scandinavia.

In the summer you can enjoy your lunch in the garden overlooking the park.
Trädgår´n is one of the most spectacular restaurants and nightclubs in Gothenburg, with a capacity of 1700 people indoors and a 1000 more outdoors around the garden bar in the summertime.

Member of the Gothenburg Restaurant Association “Taste of Gothenburg”.

Contact information

Address: Nya Allén 11,41138,Göteborg,Sweden
Opening hours: See website.
Phone number: +4631102080


Tram 3, 4, 5, 7, 10
Stop: Kungsportsplatsen
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