Way out West: 10–12 August

What: A three-day music festival in the park Slottsskogen. It started in 2007 and besides concerts in the magic forest setting there is also a club programme – Stay Out West – taking over when the park closes each evening. The entrance fee to the club gigs are included in the ticket, but the number of places are restricted and the age limit is 18 (with some exceptions).

Line-up 2017:  Ryan Adams, Feist, Frank Ocean, The XX, Regina Spektor, Band of Horses, Mø and many more. Find information about the music and tickets here

Fun to know: Since 2012, all the food served at the festival is vegetarian. There is also a large selection of vegan food and a lot of it is also organic. 

Way Out West, Foto Beatrice Törnros.

What's nearby?

The street Linnégatan is stretching all the way from Slottsskogen to Järntorget and the three parallel streets Långgatorna Here you will find lots of good restaurants, bars and pubs in all price ranges. You can catch a tram from the central station to Järntorget and Linnéplatsen (the latter is right by Slottsskogen).


Hagabion/Kino is located where Linnégatan meets Prinsgatan and the restaurang/bar and indie cinema has the largest outdoor seating area in the neighbourhood. They serve tasty vegetarian food and dishes come in various sizes.

Another good dinner destination is Tredje Långgatan, which is car-free during summer. Here you will several great restaurants with outdoor seating lined up. Try Mexican (Tacos & Tequila), Chinese (Made in China) or craft beer and fine pizza (Brewer's Beer Bar), just to mention some. The latest addition is called Mellanrummet and serves middle-sized dishes, including for example cheese and meat platters. The neighbouring street Andra Långgatan has a great number of pubs.


Because Way Out West has such an extensive club programme you won't have a hard time finding something to do once the gigs in the park are over for the evening. But if you want more ideas, take a look in Djungeltrummans klubbguide (link in Swedish).

Gothenburg culture festival: 16–20 August

What: At Gothenburg Culture Festival (Göteborgs kulturkalas) you can enjoy everything from music, arts, street performances, crafts, literature, film and much more – for both kids and adults. There is also an large selection of food from around the world. Everything (besides the food) is free of charge! Some of the outdoor venue/locations around the city are: Götaplatsen, The Garden Society of Gothenburg (Trädgårdsföreningen), Bältesspännarparken and Kronhusgården. 

Line-up 2017: The programme is released around midsummer (23-24 June), please visit the website for details.

Göteborgs Kulturkalas, Foto: Beatrice Törnros

What's nearby?

The entire city centre is in full bloom with plenty of people out in the streets during the festival. The programme offers plenty of activities both day and evening – and remember: It's all free to attend! If you want more things to do you can always explore the restaurant scene, cafés, museums, shops and attractions like Liseberg amusement park, which is all found within walking distance.


Food is an important part of Gothenburg Culture Festival. Head to Basargatan (at the canal-side of Kungstorget) or Gustaf Adolfs torg next to Brunnsparken and Nordstan to try some tasty street food.

3 festivals you might not know of

1. Picknickfestivalen: 6 June

Picknickfestivalen takes place at Apslätten in Kålltorp on the National Day of Sweden and is offering an alcohol and drug free music festival with diversity and community as signature values. On stage during the day is for example Quake Matthews, Heartbeast, John Dunsö Aka Traveling John, Axa med flera. The festival is free of charge and it is encouraged to bring your own picknick basket.

2. Festival del Mar: 28–29 July

What can be more typical for a seaside city than a small music festival in the archipelago? This year Mattias Alkberg & Södra Sverige, Pascal, Twin Pigs, Ill Wicker and several others meet the audience on the small car-free island Asperö. The ticket to Festival del Mar is between 390–550 SEK and camping is included. Bonus: Salty swims in the ocean!

3. Hisingsfestivalen: 15 August

The family-friendly Hisingsfestivalen takes place at Gothenburg Studios at Hisingen in August. Young people's creativity and creation is in focus the festival will cover art forms like music, dance and film. Keep an eye out on the website for details.