If you love performing art, is curious about theatre and dance, or if you just want to fill your evening with excitement – Scenkonstguiden is just the thing for you! We give you three springtime tips in Gothenburg filled with drama, dance and surprises!

For you whose wallet is on a diet

Spring in Gothenburg is prime time for affordable, yet high quality performing art, so if you are eager for stage art but can't spend more than a few Swedish kronor – check this out.

There are lots of really good schools for artists, actors, dancers and musicians in this town – and the month of May is high season for end of semester-productions and exam performances – a hidden treasure! One of the great things about this is that you can brag about how you saw that big movie star or prima ballerina before they got famous.

One other thing you just shouldn’t miss is all the exciting and affordable stage art during West Pride, June 8–12, Gothenburg's rainbow week where LGBTQ-rights and pride are in focus. We are over our ears-excited about the performance by Aleksa Lundberg, Sweden’s first open transgender theatre actor.

Dance, dance, dance!

In this town, we dance our way down the street. Here's a short guide to the dance scene of Gothenburg.

In Gothenburg's old harbour, three floors up in the old sugar factory, Sockerbruket, we find 3:e Våningen (3rd Floor) – an artist run dance venue that offers 600 square metres of contemporary dance and art, focusing on choreographic and spatial expressions. You can also find a conceptual small art boutique and a dance library. Before or after your visit, take some time to explore the area – Sockerbruket and Klippan are one of the most magical places in Gothenburg. Check out the old factory buildnings, walk around the harbour or just stand beneath the bridge Älvsborgsbron, let the salty air flow around you and just take it all in.

At Masthuggsterassen (or the theatre terrace as it’s also called by some) we find a place called Skogen (the forrest). Our visit here is not your ordinary spectator experience. One could say that Skogen is an alternative academy for art and learning. No questions are out of place and no experiences are wrong – you bring yourself and who you are this specific day.

In the borderland between the neighbourhoods Linnéstaden and Vasastan we find Atalante – a venue that has kept Gothenburg up to date with the latest in performing art and contemporary dance since 1987. Here you can always find a highly interesting guest performance or a brand new premiere and the cosy bar invites you to stay for contemplation and relaxed talks.

Teaterstråket – Gothenburg's own Broadway

Some might think that Avenyn is Gothenburg's broadway, but Scenkonstguiden would like to give the title to another culture-filled passage  – Teaterstråket (theatre street). Within the distance of five tram stops, from Hagakyrkan to Majorna, you will find no less than 13 (!) theatre- and dance houses. For example, check out Fokteatern where you can enjoy up to date-drama and international guest performances, 2Lång which gives you everything from musical nights to improvised comedies, and GEST – Gothenburg English Studio Theatre – which offers award-winning plays in english.

All good things are three – and so is the crew of Scenkonstguiden, wich consists of Matilda Johansson, Rasmus Klamas and Sara Östebro. Read more about Scenkonstguiden (in Swedish) here.