Moomins.The Moomin family, Snufkin and Little My are beloved across the world. They have put Finland on the map and made their creator Tove Jansson (1914–2011) one of the most popular artists in Scandinavia. But the new exhibition at Gothenburg Museum of Art is showing a broader perspective and also includes her work as an artist, illustrator, caricaturist and cartoonist – often with ever so topical themes like diversity and tolerance.

 –Tove Jansson was a keen observer of her time and questioned many of its conventions. Her art contains a deeper message about how important it is to question and constantly examine the world with curiosity and an open mind, says Anna Hyltze, Head of Department at the museum.

The exhibition is the most extensive and versatile presentation of Tove Jansson's work made in Sweden so far. The museum also gives an opportunity to learn more with talks and children's activities like story time and creative workshops.

–It is highly gratifying for the Gothenburg Museum of Art to emphasise Tove Jansson's work as a visual artist. This was the most important aspect of her career for her personally, but it was often overshadowed by her role as a revered author of children's books, she says.

The Desire to Create and Live is opening at Gothenburg Musuem of Art on 11 February 11 and is on until 21 May, 2017. The exhibition is produced by Finland's National Gallery Ateneum.

Multilingual hosts available

The hosts speak Swedish and English as well as either Somali, Arabic, Finish or Tiringya. Check the programme to see when the guide speaks your language.