Fully vegan

Blackbird – For vegans, by vegans

At Blackbird you will find fresh and well-prepared dishes with both international and Swedish flavours. The food is completely vegan and cooked from scratch using ingredients such as seitan, tofu and tempeh. Blackbird is a cooperative restaurant run by vegans. Stigbergsliden 13

Open New Doors – Organic vegan raw food

Open New Doors describe themselves as an "organic raw food-joy restaurant" and are making it clear that well-being is an important part of their concept. The menu features vegan raw food dishes which are all made from seasonal ingredients. Tyska bron 1

Vegan options

Syster Marmelad – Delicious vegan dishes

Syster Marmelad is located in the charming neighbourhood Majorna. The restaurant is pretty much fully vegan, the cheese plate being the only non-vegan dish on the menu. The dishes are mid-sized, perfect to share or enjoy on your own. You can also sample some local beer, organic wine or cocktails. Don't miss the vegan Sunday brunch. Mariagatan 16         


The Green Room – Vegan roller coaster break        

The Green Room is Liseberg Amusement Park's vegetarian restaurant.  All food is vegan, but the concept of the restaurant is vegetarian, meaning that beverages and such are not necessarily specifically chosen for vegan food. Visit the Green Room and try the vegan buffet with plenty of different dishes. Liseberg Amusement Park

Jinx Food Truck – Vegan to go

Being a food truck, the options are naturally a little more limited, but the vegan version of the bao bun is a must try. Crispy vegetables, tofu and kimchi make an excellent lunch. Stop by Jinx for a quick, easy and delicious vegan meal. Magasinsgatan 17

Brewers Beer Bar - Pizza and beer, vegan style

Brewers Beer Bar offers an impressive selection of beers, but also some of the best vegan pizzas you are likely to come across. Made with sour dough and a wide variety of toppings, you’re sure to find something tasty. Tredje Långgatan 8