1. Have fun at Liseberg, Scandinavia's largest amusement park

Head-spinning rides, carousels and concerts are an essential part of summer. In October there is fantastic Halloween theme and later in November the park opens up for Christmas at Liseberg.
More about Liseberg.


2. Visit the splendid Gothenburg Museum of Art

The museum has three stars in Michelin’s Green Guide and houses impressive Nordic collections dating from the 15th century, among other works of art.
More about Gothenburg Museum of Art.


3. Take a day trip to the Gothenburg archipelago

You can get to the characteristic granite cliffs and picturesque fishing villages in less than an hour, and the archipelago is easy to reach by ferry, bus or car.
More about the Gothenburg archipelago and how to get to the islands.

4. Explore the city using the waterways

Gothenburg has in many ways been shaped by its closeness to the sea, and the river and waterways are present throughout the city. They also offer a great view of the city, so give sightseeing on popular tour boat Paddan a try, or if you're more adventurous, explore the canals in a kayak or on a stand up paddle-board!


5. Buy seafood at Feskekôrka fish market

The "Fish Church" is a fish market hall completed in 1874 to a design by the city architect Viktor von Gegerfeldt. And yes, it does actually look like a church.
More about Feskekôrka.


6. Take a 'Fika break' in Haga

This charming neighbourhood has a wonderful selection of cafés and small artisan shops. You might like to try a giant cinnamon bun on Haga Nygata.
More about Haga.


7. Go on safari through the rainforest at Universeum

At Universeum you can find a rainforest, a huge aquarium and a variety of exotic animals and plants – all under one roof.
More about Universeum.


8. Shop for Gothenburg designs

Local clothing brands, second-hand items and interior furnishing are just some of the many treasures you can find while exploring the city.
More about shopping in Gothenburg.


9. Indulge in seafood

Fish and shellfish is a real speciality in the port city of Gothenburg. Shrimp sandwiches, newly caught fish in classic and modern dishes, clams and oysters - the selction is huge! Go to our restaurant page and find your new favourite place, whether you'd like to go all in on seafood or try something else.
More about restaurants.


10. Visit the Garden Society in the city centre

Just a stone’s throw from the city centre is the Garden Society of Gothenburg (Trädgårdsföreningen) – one of the best preserved nineteenth-century parks in Europe. A short tram ride away you'll find Gothenburg Botanical Garden, a world class botanical garden with more than 16 000 different species of plants.
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Up for more? Here are 5 bonus tips!

Take the tram!

The blue and white trams are typical for Gothenburg and also a great way of exploring the city, so use the trams for getting around.

Try out the local craft beer

Check out the micro breweries that have popped up around town and try the local craft beer. Read more about a few of Gothenburg's micro breweries and get even more tips in the local beer guide.

Go for a sauna and a swim in Frihamnen

The spectacular sauna and the floating pool are two good reasons to go to Frihamnen: the activities are free and accessable, and the area is a melting pot for new development.

Visit Götaplatsen

Götaplatsen, inaugurated for the World's fair in 1923 and the home of Poseidon and his neighbours the Gothenburg Museum of Art, the  City Theatre and the Concert Hall, has become a signature view of Gothenburg. Architecture, culture and history all in one!

Take in the city view from Skansen Kronan

Enjoy the stunning view from Skansen Kronan, the fortress from the 1690s located in Haga. The fortress has been used as a prison, emergency residency and a museum. From the hill you can see for miles and it's a perfect picnic spot!