1. Take advantage of the city parks

There are tons of great green spaces in Gothenburg that come in handy during festivals. Whether you want to relax for a moment in between shows at the culture festival, or meet up with friends for an alfresco lunch before the concerts begin at Way Out West, the parks in Gothenburg provide a lush and quiet space.

2. Explore!

The Gothenburg Culture Festival has hundreds of activities, including things that we’re sure you’ve never heard of. The great thing at the Gothenburg culture festival is that all activities are free, so why not try something completely new? Way Out West is more than a music festival, with movies, talks and more on the agenda. Make sure you check out what other venues are involved to make the most out of your experience.

3. Start the day off right

Now, a festival where you stay in a tent for a week certainly has its charms, but I’m sure you’ll agree that the breakfast and brunch options are somewhat limited. Not so in Gothenburg! Here you’ll find a plethora of breakfast and brunch options to give you a great start before you head out.

4. Leave the car at home

Maybe a no-brainer but driving around town during a city festival makes little sense, especially when you have great public transport and city bikes to rent. The trams, buses and ferrys of Gothenburg will take you where you need to go, and if you prefer pedalling, the Gothenburg Bikes offer short term bike rental for a very reasonable price, with stations scattered around the city.

5. Feast on festival food & try local restaurants

One of the main attractions of city festivals tend to be the wide array of different foods, with flavours from seemingly all over the world on offer. Indulge in tasty treats, and why not try some of the many amazing Gothenburg restaurants as well while you’re here, with everything from Michelin-starred fine dining to delicious street food available.

5 good things to bring

1. A water bottle

It’s important to stay hydrated, especially if we get the kind of temperatures we’ve had so far this summer. The tap water in Gothenburg is excellent, and there will be water stations at the Gothenburg Culture Festival as well as at Way Out West. Just remember, if you do bring a bottle to Way Out West, you need to take the top off.

2. A power bank for your mobile phone

Your smart phone will likely get used a lot during the festival, from recording your favourite artists to checking the schedule or finding your way around town. Avoid the dreaded dead battery by bringing a power bank to get that extra oomph.  

3. Sunscreen

Even though you might not naturally equate Sweden with an urgent need for sunscreen, a day of scorching sun in Slottsskogen City Park will leave a mark for sure. Make sure to wear sunscreen and you’ll steer clear of the cooked lobster look.

4. Some sort of rain gear

A little rain is to be expected at a festival, so prepare for it! A rain poncho that you can fit in your pocket will do nicely for most downpours!

5. A sweater or jacket

Even though the days might get hot, the temperatures can drop significantly late at night. Dancing will help keep you warm, but we do recommend that you bring a jacket or sweater, just something so you can add an extra layer when it gets a little chilly.