Day 1 

Fruit, walking and relaxing

After a good night's sleep you get out of the bed and into the kitchen to say hi to your host. You eat your breakfast while mentioning your plans for the day. It was through Couchsurfing you found the apartment you just slept in.

Full from the breakfast, you pack your belongings and head out in the city. You borrow a bicycle and go to one of all the fruit groves to pick som fruit. The fruit is a good snack you bring to eat during the guided walking tour from Tikitut, a community based organisation offering sustainable tourism from locals. With this tour, you find places not very common for other tourist to explore - a gothenburg beyond the famous city attractions.

When the walking tour has ended, you once again take the bicycle, and this time your final destination will be the Göteborg city library. Here, you are reading the book you have been fascinated about for the last couple of days. 

Before going back to the apartment you take a detour to one of the fridges Solikyl has in Gothenburg, a place where food supposed to be thrown away is saved instead. You are giving them the fruit you never ate and they thank you. A perfect way of ending the day, and preparing for the next.

Day 2

"Fika", sauna and camping

During your second day in the sharing economy world it gets pacey. You start the day as yesterday, in the same apartment - but this time you take the tram to the bicycle cafe Llama Lloyd to grab a "fika" and discuss life with other couchsurfers. They meet the first Wednesday every month and you manage to join among all the hosts and surfers.

Now that you know some new couchsurfers, you continue your adventure. Through the platform Meet the Locals you find a mountain bike tour with a Gothenburger and off you go. It is a tough, but fun ride in the forests in the outskirsts of the city. To relax after a tour like this, you head to Frihamnen where you can take a swim and enjoy the sauna.

Jubileumsparken is located by Frihamnen, and is a park where you can enjoy a common pool where anyone can take a dip. This park also has a sauna, called Svettekörkan. It is free and available for all, but you need to reserve a spot in advance. When you feel relaxed and done you, once again, head out in the forest. This time you go camping with some of your new friends from the bicycle cafe. 

You borrow a tent from Fritidsbanken, an organisation lending out sports- and leisure things for up to 14 days - all for free. To prepare yourself even more you also charge your phone in the city on one of all charging stations. 

At you find even more activities, initiatives and organisations in Gothenburg, active in the sharing economy. You can also download website to your smartphone.