Cum Pane 

The little bakery Cum Pane has supplied bread for the people of Majorna since 2008. The artisan bakery’s whole selection is organically certified (KRAV) and the flour, completely without additional substances, is from the local area on the West Coast. If you are at Cum Pane for the first time, a good tip is to try their speciality: a sugar-free sourdough bread from the stone oven. In 2015 Cum Pane opened on a second location, in the area Olskroken. 
Mariagatan 17 & Kobbarnas väg 4


BAKA stenugnbageri

The bakery BAKA is found on the quay in the expansive neighbourhood Eriksberg. The popular bakery also has a small café where you can sit and enjoy a sandwich or a pastry along with a cup of coffee. During summertime it’s preferred to sit outside on the docks, with a view of the river. The bread and pastries are baked with organic flour, real butter and a big spoon of love.
Ostindiefararen 27


Alvar & Ivar stenugnsbageri

The little familiar bakery Alvar & Ivar surdegsbageri (translates: sourdough bakery) has been around for ten years on Kastellgatan in the district Linné. During this time, the popularity has increased and it is now a given part of the area for the people living there. The sourdough bread is perhaps the most famous, but there is also a wide selection of cookies and pastries.
Kastellgatan 11


St Agnes

The vegan-friendly café St Agnes is located in the city centre, on the street Teatergatan. You’ll find all the traditional pastries and bread, however most of them are vegan! As the name might imply, there is an Agnes behind the concept of this bakery. Agnes Uluarda has together with her family opened up both the café and the bakery that provides the café with the artisan bread.
Teatergatan 32. 


Bullen & Brödet

Bullen & Brödet (translates: the Bun and the Bread) is a little gem in the centre of Old Masthugget. Walnut bread, croissants and honey baguettes are some of the different bread that can be found at this intimate bakery. Part of the selection is permanent, but these bakers like to try new recipes as well. For example, how does a cinnamon swirl topped with crunchy chocolate sound? Yummy, right!?
Fjällgatan 34

bullen brodet1-43.jpg