Enjoy some serious eye candy 

When the trees at the square Järntorget bloom, the social media feeds around Gothenburg blow up in pink, and for good reason. The beautiful cherry blossoms signal the start of spring and a time of immense colour and greenery all around Gothenburg, not least in the city parks and gardens. For a cherry blossom extravaganza, make sure you visit the Botanical Garden on April 28 when they welcome spring with a traditional Japanese Hanami celebration


Take part in the world’s largest half marathon

Fancy running 21 km? Then the Gothenburg race “Göteborgsvarvet” is an excellent time to do so. The world’s largest half marathon regularly gets over 60 000 registered runners, and even if you’re not one of them, just watching the race is a great event. The party atmosphere is prevalent all throughout city as locals and visitors do their best to cheer runners on while enjoying a picnic and refreshments (including some of the kind that's unlikely to be found at the race energy stations).

Catch a ferry to the archipelago

The stunning islands of the Gothenburg archipelago are located just outside the city centre, and while they're definitely worth a visit all year round, a spring time trip is hard to beat. All you need to get to the archipelago is a tram or bus ticket, and that’ll be valid on your (public) archipelago ferry of choice as well. Many of the islands have cosy cafés and restaurants if you get hungry, and if you wish to prolong your stay, there are a number of hotels available for booking as well.

Swedish “Fika” outdoors

You’re probably well aware of the concept of “Swedish fika” and how the Swedes seem to spend much of their day with a cup of coffee and cinnamon bun within reach. As spring approaches, it gets even better as cafés around Gothenburg put out chairs and tables perfect for outdoor “fika”. Along the sun warm walls, coffee and buns taste even better. You could also get your “fika” to go and sit down in a park or other scenic spot.

Experience the thrills of Liseberg

A sure sign of spring are the unmistakeable sounds of joy coming from the amusement park Liseberg. As roller coasters, carousels and other thrill rides get going on April 28, the Nordic region’s premier amusement park promises to give you an experience you won’t soon forget. The park is also renowned for its greenery and floral brilliance, another great reason to pay Liseberg a visit this spring.

Liseberg opens April 28.