1. Don’t miss the key players

There are many big names to look out for this year – Erykah Badu, Solange, Jorja Smith, Stormzy, The Cure and Zara Larsson all perform at Way Out West 2019. Something to suit most tastes, in other words. Check out the full line-up here!

2. Warm up at Bar Robusta

Bar Robusta, a lively Italian restaurant a few steps from Slottsskogen, is the ideal place to start your festival days. Their Aperol Spritz parties are almost as much a tradition as the festival itself, and a nice getaway when you need a break from the big crowds and scenes.

3. Discover some rising stars

Besides the main attractions, Way Out West is usually great at putting new (and semi-new) stars on stage. For instance, make sure to check out British Mahalia's R&B/soul, Italo Bitches' political electro pop, UK rappers Octavian and Yxng Bane, electronic acts Hannah Prescott, Ishi Vu and Aron McFaul – or indie rocker Snail Mail!

4. Have a "Smålandsrulle"

This amazingly tasty festival classic, with freshly baked flatbread, chickpea puree, grated cheese and onion, is a natural part of the festival's vegetarian profile. And! It's easy to eat without ruining your festival outfit.

5. Relax with a film

Since 2011, Way Out West boasts an impressive film programme, and this year you'll want to check out music documentaries like Suede: The Insatiable Ones and Amazing Grace (about Aretha Franklin). Tired of music? No worries! There are goodies like Allt jag inte minns, a mini series by Beata Gårdeler based on Jonas Hassen Khemiri's novel, and the season premiere of popular Swedish drama series The Restaurant, to enjoy.

6. Dance away in the Dungeon

The Dungeon (Dungen) area is like a festival within the festival. Turn right just after the entrance, enter the dreamy atmosphere among the trees and dance to music by international dj star Bella Sarris, P3 Guld and Grammis nominee Bella Boo, Gothenburg darling Dj Lily (Martin Nowakowski) – and many more.

7. Find inspiration at Höjden

Experts, journalists and artists gather at WOW Talks to discuss everything from climate change to racism, bees and drugs. Among the speakers are Janice, Barakat Ghebrehawariat, Karin Lexén, Uje Brandelius – and Daddy Issues who make a live podcast on stage. So have a seat, and some inspiration!

8. Save some energy for the afterhours

Plan ahead, or just go with the flow, the choice is yours! But when the last notes fade in Slottsskogen there's still a whole lot to experience – at Stay Out West and beyond. Expect long lines at the clubs in town and check the festival app for updates. The Bananpiren area, on the other side of the river, has plenty of space making it a safe bet every night. Looking for an afterparty? Ask around, more party pros than Luger are active this weekend.

9. Discover more of Gothenburg

On vacation? Good, then we suggest you arrive a few days before the festival. Gothenburg has much more than Slottsskogen to experience – check out our top picks here.