1. ”Fika” at the café Alkemisten 

Of course ”fika” makes the list. The favourite Swedish pastime is a great way to relax all year round, but maybe even more so during autumn. Rain or shine, a cup of artisanal coffee and home baked pastries at Alkemisten will brighten up your day. Find more cafés in Gothenburg here.
Gustaf Dalénsgatan 14

2. Catch a film at Hagabion

Rain pouring down? Head to the cinema Hagabion, also home to the vegetarian restaurant and bar Kino. Enjoy a tasty meal and round your evening off with a quality film. Oh, and If you’re a beer aficionado as well as a film buff, you’ll enjoy the vast selection of local brews from Stigbergs Bryggeri. Check out more film in Gothenburg.
Linnégatan 21

3. Stroll in botanical brilliance

The Gothenburg Botanical Garden is amazing. It’s the perfect place for a quiet stroll while you marvel at the over 16 000 different species of plants. The Botanical Garden offers plenty of activities all year round, and this autumn they host a highly anticipated Pumpkin bonanza starting October 28. Find even more parks and gardens in Gothenburg here.
Carl Skottbergs gata 22A

4. Let world class art inspire you

Museums and galleries are great spots for contemplation and inspiration. Take in the soothing environment at the Gothenburg Museum of Art and make sure to check out Rembrandt’s masterpiece The Conspiracy of Claudius Civilis, currently on display. There are many other great museums and exhibitions in Gothenburg, you’ll find some of them here.

5. Enjoy delicious seafood

Gothenburg is a paradise for fish and seafood lovers, especially now during Lobster season. Set sail to iconic fish market Feskekôrka (the Fish church) and grab some succulent shrimp to go, or sit down for some fabulous oysters at Restaurant Gabriel. Read more about seafood in Gothenburg here.
Fisktorget 4

6. Have a craft beer at Fölk

Fancy a beer but not a hangover? Make a stop at trendy Fölk, a beer shop where all the drinks are classified as “folköl”, that is beer with maximum 3.5 % of alcohol. Of course there are also even lighter as well as non-alcoholic options, and local breweries dominate the list. Keep an eye on their Instagram for various events, like after work and beer tastings.
Hvitfeldtsgatan 10

7. Stay cosy at bistro Bang

Walking into Bang matbar, a tiny restaurant in Bangatan, is a bit like entering the home of a good old friend. The menu is short and based on locally sourced ingredients, the wine list is carefully selected, and the atmosphere welcoming and unpretentious. Apart from the two–three main courses there is always oysters and a generous cheese and charcuteries platter on the menu. Just a word of warning: if you come by for a quick drink you may easily end up staying the whole night.
Bangatan 22

8. Dance your shoes off at club Pedro

Djs at restaurants is not a new phenomenon, but Made in China sure levelled up their game when they launched the club Pedro during the “Way Out West weekend” in August this year. Every Friday and Saturday, Pedro Lima (hence the club name) and Yasmin Amouraa fill the place with music, special cocktails, party people and good vibes. How to get in? DM them on Instagram, ask to be on the guest list and keep your fingers crossed!
Tredje Långgatan 9

9. Relax in a soothing spa

Close to the central station, neatly tucked into Radisson Blu Hotel, is Hagabadet’s latest addition to their collection of spas and fitness centres – Drottningtorget. Why not swap the grey autumn skies for some dimmed lights, hot saunas, flowery fragrances and a tranquil atmosphere? Try one of the spa rituals, or simply dive into a pool and do nothing for a while.
Östra Larmgatan 4