The Denim family originally had their office in an old sewing factory located in forgotten parts of the Majorna area. Nowadays, a large collective of young creative people sits in a cozy and charmingly messy office in central Gothenburg.

- You've just turned ten years, congratulations! How did Dr Denim evolve during your first decade?
From the beginning it was just my brother, dad and I and we did literally everything ourselves. So at one moment we sat and designed our jeans and the next minute we put on the storage cap and packed our goods. We just had to roll up the sleeves and do everything ourselves. To work like that can be a bit charming and the typically Gothenburgian way: a little unconditionally and DIY. But we are now relieved that we grew bigger and today we have more than 25 employees.

Dr Denim has successively grown since its birth ten years ago and although Scandinavia has always been the biggest market for them, the clothes have always been sold in stores worldwide.

- We have always been based here in Gothenburg but we had an international focus with our brand from the beginning. When opportunities and interests from abroad has appeared we have alwaysalways seized the opportunity, which led us up to being very widespread today. The interest in the Scandinavian fashion has been really big since we started. We are now in most of Asia, in Europe and in Australia. Going forward, we aim for an even larger share of the US market.

Gothenburg affects us because the fashion city of Gothenburg is more about functional design than excessive Haute couture.

What's the best thing about being based in your hometown Gothenburg?
Our industry is strong here on the Swedish west coast so there are many skillful and creative people around us. Gothenburg also affects us because the fashion city of Gothenburg is more about functional design than excessive Haute couture. In Gothenburg there is also some kind of unconditional feeling among people in general. It is not so much about prestige here and that means that the garments we are doing becomes more timeless. Dr Denim are not trying to create spectacular garments to create a stir each new season. Since we aren’t based out of the capital we also have the advantage to sit on our chamber in a quiet environment and create what we really believe in. We will not be as influenced by current trends and that part of the fashion world which is about a constant news feed.

What are your favorite hangouts in Gothenburg?
Besides clothing, I have a big food and coffee interest. A favourite place where you can find me often is at the coffee bar Kaleis on Kyrkogatan. Located right in town, but in a small cosy courtyard so you still get a quiet moment. Plus they have really good coffee and homemade cakes. I also like the new restaurant and bar Folk for their efforts to serve really good vegetarian food. I wish all restaurants were that ambitious about their vegetarian option. 
Another interest I have is photography and I often photograph people in urban environments. Therefore I am always equipped with a camera hanging from my shoulder when I'm out on the streets of Gothenburg. Hasselblad Center at Götaplatsen is a place I'm very happy to visit. I also do regular visits to the vintage store Lokalen GBG in Bellevue that sells very fine vintage furniture.

Pretend you are visiting Gothenburg for the first time. What are your musts here?
The cafe Viktors Kaffe on Geijersgatan. A cafe where half an hour easily turn into a few hours.
Definitely the bar and restaurant Hagabion as well. it´s a unique place that has managed to retain its special character throughout the years. In the summertime I would also have liked to experience Slottsskogen because that's where the people of Gothenburg meet. Hanging out in the park, grilling in the sun and a very cheerful summer atmosphere in general.

Published 2015-01-21.
Dr Denim has recently opened their first store in Gothenburg.
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