How did you get into climbing?
A friend of mine thought we needed to find a new form of  exercise. We tried it once before, one or two years earlier, but now we decided to get a "green card", a two times two hour-class. By then I was already hooked.

What's the best thing about it? 
It's the whole thing! The community with friends, challenges and the nature experience. It's also very fun that you can be either a beginner or a pro and still spend time together, because a climbing route for beginners might be located right next to one for experienced climbers.

Is there something that stands out about cragging in the Gothenburg region?
Yes, indeed. I have to say we have among the best granite flat rocks there is, not only in Sweden but internationally. The pink 'Bohus granite' is renowned, it starts in Gothenburg and goes all the way up the coastline.

Robert's top climbs

Utby is the most legendary location for climbing in Gothenburg. Here you'll find everything from bouldering to sport and traditional climbing, but also multi pitch with multiple rope lenghts.

Hönö has a fantastic nature reserve (Ersdalen nature reserve) with bouldering and hundreds of small places to choose from. The view towards the ocean is great and you can also go for a swim afterwards and bring a bbq. This is a family-friendly location, with something for beginners as well as pros.

Bohuslän offers fantastic mountains with bouldering, sport climbing and traditional climbing. There is a great guide Klätterguiden – Göteborg med omnejd (in Swedish) where you can find climbing spots in different styles.



Beginner's guide: Bouldering, sport and traditional climbing. 

Bouldering: Climbing on boulders, a few metres high, without ropes. Can be described as the sprinter version of climbing, with explosive power and strength in every move.

Sport: A form of climbing with longer ropes, based on endurance. If bouldering is the sprinter version, sport climbing is the 400-metre race. You climb with the help from pre-installed bolts in the mountain wall.

Traditional: You use your own protection and remove everything when you leave, so there is no damage on the mountain. 

Are you a beginner?

Robert recommends a top rope climbing course to learn all the basics. In Gothenburg you can find indoor classes at for example Klätterlabbet, Klätterdomen and Klätterfabriken.