Rent a boat and get close to the Gothenburg archipelago.

The Sea has always been an integral part of Gothenburg’s identity. You can’t escape it, it’s in the skyline of the old cranes, in the ferrys that come and go from the inner harbour and most definitely on the menus of the Gothenburg restaurants.

So it should come as no surprise that boats and sailing is popular in and around Gothenburg. The city has hosted several major sailing events and is one of the stops of the world spanning Volvo Ocean Race. Read our interview with professional sailor Martin Strömberg here.

If you want to go to sea while visiting Gothenburg then you have every opportunity to do so. You can rent boats ranging from large sail boats with room for several people to smaller boats more fitting for a day trip on the canal.  

There are several operators to choose from if you want to rent a boat. Click&BoatYacht Charter, RTC, Maritime Group are a few options, read more on their websites about what they have to offer.