What is the biggest challenge with the Volvo Ocean Race?
There are moments when one is tired, wet and have a rough time on board. It is stressful and you really have to push yourself but the biggest challenge is that the competition will continue for so long and that you need to successfully stick together as a team and perform for nine months straight.

What has made the biggest impression on you on this journey?
Every day at sea is full of incredible experiences but what made the biggest impression on me is the team spirit and the will in our team. We have managed to come back time after time when we encountered setbacks, we have been the last but managed to take us to the top and that is our strength.

Why should people visit the Volvo Ocean Race festivities in the Gothenburg Free Port this summer?
Personally, of course I want as many people as possible to come and greet me and my team to Gothenburg after we sailed around the world. But there will also be a great celebration and an opportunity to showcase Gothenburg to the world during a summer when the city is the centre for the entire sport of sailing.


Martin Strömberg's 5 gems in Gothenburg: