More than a place to stay

There is a total of 11,000 hotel rooms in Gothenburg and 6,000 of them are
centrally located. This means you can walk between shopping, culture,
entertainment and restaurants. A hotel is so much more than just a place to sleep. Sometimes the food, architecture, interior or a whole concept attract visitors. Many of the hotels are special, making them the reason to travel. But the hotel is always a part of your stay – no matter where you check in.

Green labels

The environmentally friendly hotels are certified according to the standards of the Gothenburg City eco-label or other certificates like Svanen or KRAV. Today around 300 Swedish hotels are Svanen-labelled. They work actively with waste management, water resources and environmentally friendly cleaning products, just to mention a few things. Although around 95 percent hold an eco-label of some kind, the work is not complete. The goal is to go all green.