Close to the city and the sea

The archipelago of Gothenburg stretches along the coast like a string of pearls. You don't have to travel far from the city to find charming villages, stunning nature and beaches. To take the tour to the archipelago is a hot tip, but you don't have to leave the city to find beautiful places where you can enjoy the water. Below you will find a selection of our favorite places – both in the archipelago and in the city.

A flourishing river side

With the iconic cranes as a backdrop a thriving sea-front area is growing along the river side. Eriksberg, Lindholmen and the Frihamnen area can be found on Hisingen in northern Gothenburg. Here you can find a sandy beach, long docks, an architect-designed sauna and picturesque marinas. On the river, you can also go kayaking or take a trip with the sightseeing boat Paddan.

The archipelago

Just outside the city you will find the sea and the sprawling archipelago. You get there most easily by tram to Saltholmen and then proceed with the ferries. You can also bike to Saltholmen. The islands consist of picturesque alleys, nice walking paths and bathing areas for the whole family.

You travel on the same ticket the whole way from the city, including the ferry from Saltholmen. On the island there are plenty of activities; Seal safaris, sea-fishing and boat excursions just to name a few.