Located in the event district, between the big public arenas Ullevi and Scandinavium, Actionpark offers bowls and obstacles for skateboarders, stunt scooters, inliners, roller skaters and BMX riders.

The park is always open, but the season usually kicks off sometime in April. That's also when the little café opens, as well as the possibility to borrow skateboards and protective gear. The park also sports a small audience terrace and benches where you can catch your breath.

A welcoming place for everybody

In Actionpark everybody is welcome. Regardless of age or background, everybody has the right to practice their sport, culture and lifestyle, and Actionpark is actively working to make all visitors feel welcome and safe. As a part of this, the park is HBTQ certified. 

In Actionpark the youths are considered an resource and all projects in the park are run by them, in close cooperation with the City of Gothenburg and the business sector.

For more info about the park and upcoming events, see Instagram and Facebook.


Address: Burgårdsparken
Stop: Ullevi Södra, Scandinavium
E-mail: daniel.blasko@centrum.goteborg.se
Website: http://bit.ly/actionparkgbg