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Flygmuseum i Göteborg.
Photo: David Karlsson Photo: David Karlsson


An aviation museum inside a declassified Swedish Air Force bunker.

At Aeroseum you'll get a hands-on experience of all kinds of aviation. Get winched up to a helicopter, try the flight simulator or let yourself be fascinated by the countless flight machines.

Temporarily closed.


Address: Holmvägen 100
Stop: Granhäll (1 kilometer)
Phone: +4631558300
E-mail: info@aeroseum.se
Website: http://www.aeroseum.se

The museum is located in a 1950s subterranean hangar 30 metres below the rock surface. During the Cold War, this was one of the most top-secret defence facilities. Today the museum houses figther planes like Draken and Viggen as well as civil aircrafts, helicopters, engines and much more.