During Artscape 2016 international and local artists will create large scale art works in all of Gothenburgs 10 municipal districts.

Visitors of all ages are also welcome to participate at forums, workshops and lectures organised in connection with the festival. 

July 25–Aug 14: Production period for the artworks.
From Aug 14: The artworks are completed (and will be permanent). During the  Gothenburg Culture Festival, Aug 16–21 there will be guided tours. 

These are the addresses where the artworks will take place: Artscape map.


Artists & places



Koralie (born 1977) is a French street artist, well-known for her intricate folklore-inpired patterns and doll-like figures. SupaKitch (born 1978) is a tattooist and street artist mixing techniques as spraypaint, collage, acrylic paints and sil screen print. Together Koralie and SupaKitch creates large-scale street art, illustrations and fashion design.  During Artscape 2016, they will make a collaborate large-scale mural painting. instagram.com/realkoralie och instagram.com/realsupakitch

Cityzen Kane 

Cityzen Kane is a British street artist based in London. He creates detailed 3D sculptures, inspired by older Indian sanskrit writing and 80s house music. The art work was removed in December 2016. instagram.com/cityzenkane


Bless, Anya Blom, is a Swedish artist from Örebro. She paints playful, energetic figures in large formats. instagram.com/q.bless 


Code26 i a graffiti artist from Gothenburg. He's been active since he was ten ears old, and the last copule of years he has been painting food trucks, limited edition sneaks and many walls around Gothenburg. instagram.com/code26


AnimalitoLand argentinian artist Graciela Gonçalves' visual universe. Her works pictures magical and fancyful animals in bright colours. instagram.com/animalitoland

Julia Volchkova

Julia Volchkova (born 1987) is a street artist from Nizhnevartovsk, Sibirien, now based in Sankt Petersburg. Volchkova often paints lifelike portraits of people's faces and bodies. instagram.com/volchkovaart

Ana María Ortiz

Ana María Ortiz is a street artist born and raised in Pueto Rico, but today she lives in Houston, Texas. She creates surrealistic, melancholic and imaginative art works, mostly of hybrid animals. instagram.com/anamarietta


Ligisd is one of Sweden's best known street artists and has since long been a legend in the Swedish graffiti scene. He desribes his style as "magical, original, imaginative and impulsive". instagram.com/ligisd


Ajja is a Swedish street artist living in Malmö. She is organising graffiti workshops and creates colourful and expressive mural paintings. instagram.com/ajja_artist


Robots is an artist collective from London, UK. They create large-scale wood sculptures, that always are site specific. giantrobots.co.uk

Elina Metso

Elina Metso (born  1988) is a street artist, illustrator and game developer from Gothenburg, now living in Malmö. She paints portraits, often of women or androgynous characters. instagram.com/elina_metso


Disk is an established street artist from Gothenburg. His works are expressive and colourful, often in old-school style. instagram.com/diskism


Jarus (fborn 1992) is a canadian street artist, based in Toronto, well-known for his large-scale and realistic artworks. instagram.com/youngjarus


Eine (born 1970) is a world-famous street artist from the UK. He rose to international renown after British Prime Minister David Cameron – on his first official state visit to the United States in 2010 – gave one of Eine’s works as a gift to President Barack Obama. instagram.com/einesigns


Ollio (born 1978) is a graffiti artist based in Gothenburg. He started painting with spray cans in the 90s and became well known in the early 2000s. Today he is a well-established and award winning artist and his paintings are characterised by playful colours and shapes.  ollio.tumblr.com


Hueman (born 1985) is an American street artist based in Los Angeles. She grew up in North California and graduated from Design & Media Arts at UCLA in 2008. Hueman creates dreamy, large-scale works on canvas and high walls. huemannature.com


Yash (born 1989) is a Swedish artist living in Stockholm. In recent years Yash has gained attention for his large-scale portraits of humans and animals – European robins, roe deer’s, foxes and cows are some animals that you can see in his paintings.  facebook.com/yashone.se

Magda Sayeg

Magda Sayeg (born 1977) is a textile artist living in Austin, Texas. She is the founder and spokesperson for the street artist group ‘Knitta Please’, who use yarn instead of spray cans and brushes. Sayeg and Knitta Please wraps up public objects – lampposts, road signs, parking meters – in colourful knitting and crochets. magdasayeg.com

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