Discover new ways to explore the city!

Autumn is here and it's time to make room for new habits. This is the perfect season to find new energy and new inspiration, and one way to do that is to discover the Autumn City Gothenburg. Here you can find new ways to eat, work out, shop, stroll around and explore. Find new ways to recover at your own pace, while exploring new ideas and new panoramas.

Explore the Autumn City

In autumn, Gothenburg chefs have the time of their lives thanks to all the great produce in season. Try some world-class seafood and see what your local chef has picked in the woods and fields around town. And why not go on a lobster safari? Or take a stroll around Gothenburg’s parks and gardens at their peak, dressed in vibrant red, orange and yellow. Discover new shopping favourites, relax at one of the city’s many spas, crawl down in a fluffy hotel bed and order room service.

There is a lot to discover, the city will also be filled with events and activities! Here, on our Gothenburg Autumn City page we give you lots of tips on how you can recharge yourself.