From early June through the end of september there are swarms of mackerel in Gothenburg waters. So take the chance to catch one yourself with either a rod or classic mackerel bait. A fun and exciting adventure for the whole family.

If you rather fish for the black gold, lobster, you get the chance to tag along on a fishing adventure with roots. With start in late september the lobster fishing is done with lobsterpots around the Hönö and Vinga islands in the northern archipelago of Gothenburg. The trip is three hours long and ofcourse you get to bring your catch with you home.

Marine Events also offers trips on Danish water, where you fish among wrecks. The wrecks is located between 30 and 200 meters deep and you will find everything from cod, coalfish, haddock catfish and octopus. The trip is about eight hours long and you are alsmot guaranteed to catch something.

Explore the archipelago from below the surface and try scuba diving with the Marine Events diving school. A typical day starts out with theory on saftey and equipment. After that you put your gear on and go in the water together with an instructor. During your dive you will see a myriad of life and movment below the surface.

If you don't want to get in the water Marine Events also offers a two hour seal safari around the archipelago. The safari route goes outside the most western islands Hönö and Vinga among seal colonies where the largest ones are over 100 seals.


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Stop: Vipekärr, Öckerö
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