It all started in 2012 when Jonas quit his job as a scientist to study to become an environmental consultant. During this time, he found the perfect hobby where he could experiment freely: home beer brewing. After entering a couple of competitions for amateur brewers the dream of opening his own real brewery grew stronger. In 2015, he won a large IPA-competition in Gothenburg and decided that it was time to make the dream come true.

More information:

Please note that the information below may have changed since last update 2017-11-20.

What kinds of beer do you brew? Low alcoholic beer (Fyren and Båken), folköl (Swedish 3,5% beer, editors note), Ishusets lager, Archipelago Pale Ale Citra (APA), Ten Island IPA, Barcode (imperial oatmeal stout), Skärgårdsjul (Christmas beer). In addition to these we always try to make new releases available for tap.

Do you accept visits: Yes, both unannounced and booked visits. Visit

Can you sample beer during a visit? Low alcoholic beer only.

Are there regular timed to visit: No.

Are your beers available at pubs in Gothenburg - at which ones? Ölstugan Tullen, Ölrepubliken, Rover, Brewers Beer Bar, Haket, Bishop’s Arms Järntorget, Barley’s Food Factory, Ostindiska Ölkompagniet, Burgersson Frigga, Burgersson Skanstorget.