In 2012, Adam Norman from Australia, Richard Bull from New Zealand, Anders Hedlund from Sweden and Darryl de Necker from South Africa laid the foundation for Beerbliotek. Two years later, Swedish Niklas Gustafsson and British Gary McLachlan joined. As the name suggests, Beerbliotek has the ambition of being a kind of beer collection and since the start they have brewed 200 different varieties.

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What kinds of beer do you brew? We brew all styles of beer from lager to stouts, sours, IPA, pale ales, porters and so on. Our name is derived from the Latin word Bibliotheca, which means a collection of books. This means that a Beerbliotek is a collection of beers. Our focus is new beer and therefore we have brewed more than 200 different beers since the start.

Do you make low alcoholic beer? Yes, so far we have made nine different folköl [Swedish for 3,5% beer]. Our best-selling beer with low alcohol content is our Session IPA and "Whoop Ass" - a Berliner Weisse with orange peel and lactose.

Do you accept visits? Yes, we welcome visitors. Both private groups and companies are welcome to come by and enjoy a tour of the brewery with a private tasting.

Are your beers available at pubs in Gothenburg - at which ones? The easiest answer would be “at every pub”. Gothenburg has a rich brewery culture with over 25 breweries. The pubs and restaurants do a great job by not only offering beer from one of the breweries, but often a large selection of beer from a number of them. So if you can’t find our beer at a pub, try one from some of the other good Gothenburg breweries. You will not be disappointed.