The last train to Särö departed in 1965. But that doesn’t mean that the old railway line no longer attracts visitors, in fact it’s quite the contrary. Today, Säröbanan is a highly popular bicycle route, taking you from Linnéplatsen in central Gothenburg to Särö, passing the cliffs, beaches and natural areas along the coast. 


The route starts at Linnéplatsen, located near the park Slottsskogen. Ride your bike on the outside of Slottsskogen, passing restaurant Villa Belparc and the Slottsskogsvallen stadium along the way. The Säröbanan is part of Kattegattleden and signposted with brown signs all the way from Linnéplatsen, follow them towards Särö.

Once you’ve passed the park Slottsskogen the next bit of the route . You’ll pass a number of residential areas before you finally make a turn and the beautiful coastline opens up in front of you.  

Hovås and Stora Amundön

As you approach the glimmering ocean and the sharp cliffs you pass the Hovås golf course. You’ll soon reach the beautiful natural area Stora Amundön. Feel fre to take a bit of a detour and head out to Stora Amundön where there’s a beach, a snorkel trail and more to explore. 

Billdal och Kullavik

Keep going south, passing rocky beaches, horse paddocks, residential areas and, at a few locations, old buildings from the train line, reminding you of the Säröbanan history. There are also plenty of cafés and kiosks along the way where you can stop for an ice cream or a cup of coffee. When you pass the towns of Billdal and Kullavik the route turns inland for a while and you temporarily lose sight of the sea. 


The Sea comes back in to view as you approach Särö, and the final bit of the route takes you out to the tip of Särö. Särö is a quaint town with several old buildings well worth a look, so do take a few minutes to pause and enjoy Särö before you head out. If you want to go back to Gothenburg then all you need to do is turn around and reverse the route you just made. If you want to keep going you can go all the way to Helsingborg. The Säröbanan route is part of the Kattegattleden route, read more here.